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Floatation therapy is the ultimate relaxation.  

A silky solution of Epsom salt and skin temperature water creates a buoyant cloud that perfectly supports your body for 90 minutes.  Once inside the  float tank, you are weightless; all you have to do is lay back in the warmth, in the silence and in the darkness… and do nothing.  






    Floatique Rest Centre

    Our mission is to provide a unique, clean and safe environment where people from all walks of life can enjoy floatation REST.  We aim for every visit to be a relaxing, blissful experience using simplicity, comfort, and a touch of luxury. 



    Experience Pure R.E.S.T.

    (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy)


    Ninety minutes in the tank is equivalent to 4-6 hours of deep sleep.

    Floatation REST is likely to be the most mysterious and calming thing you've ever experienced.  


Time to get your zen on

Float Reviews

  • "This is such a unique, tranquil experience.  I am 29 weeks pregnant and loved the way it amplified the relationship between my baby and I.  It was definitely an out of body endeavor.  The staff are very professioinal and knowledgeable which adds to the comfortable nature of this beautiful and personal experience.  I never know "Prefecting the Art of Doin Nothing" could be so fulfilling.  Thanks Floatique!"
    - Kelli G.

  • "I had been excited to try floating as soon as I heard Floatique was opening in Edmonton.  My first float definitely did not disappoint!  Staff were amazing and the facility is beautiful.  There is a sense of calm as soon as you enter the building and the tranquility escalates from there.  Floating is relaxation beyond what I have experienced and I felt completely rejuvenated afterwards.  I highly recommend Floatique to everyone and will definitely be back again"
    - Sarah C.

  • "I cannot remember the last time I was that alone with myself and my thoughts.  It felt amazing and my wife could see the relaxation in my face and smile.  To quote Arnold, 'I'll be back.'  Thank you for a great experience!"
    - Kenneth R.

  • "Never bothered to look into what a 'float' actually was before I went in for one.  I thought 'maybe it will be like one of those aquatic massages...minus the massage'.  I definitely did NOT expect to walk into a dark room, shower twice and hop into a giant glowing space egg and literally take a float... Such a balmy, serene, out of this world experience"
    - Megan L.

  • "This place is awesome! The first 10 minutes with the music is good to get your heart to slow, and your mind to slow.  Then before you know it the 90 minutes is up.  It's so calming and makes you want to live in the bubble.  You forget you are floating and often come out of meditation at different moments and realize you can go right back into trance.  Everyone should try this.  Just remember to fully relax your muscles... Completely. And breath!
    - Jennifer M.

  • "Fantastic!  I will certainly be back.  Had a bit of anxiety going in but about 1/2 hour into my float, I was able to turn out the lights.  After I did that, I felt the full benefits of it!  I feel great today (one day after).  Feel calm and peaceful."
    - Sandra M.

  • "I have been to 5 different tanks in various cities.  Floatique was the best experience for me.  The lovely shower 5 feet from the tank is perfect.  Online scheduling coupled with great hours and 4 tanks is about as professional as one can get.  I personally am so so happy to have such a place in my favourite city.  Sincerely, thank you Floatique."
    - Robert S.

  • "I have been suffering with back and neck pain and in just one session I feel amazing!  Will be referring to all of my friends and family as well as going back for more visits myself!  Just amazing!"
    - Barry C.

  • "It was difficult to let go at first...almost scary!! But in a really good way... A very fantastic meditation and relaxation.  Will definitely be back.  My girlfriend and I loved it!"
    - Paul C.

  • "This was an amazing experience!  I've never felt relaxation like this before.  My stress was washed away and backache left there.  Simply amazing!!!"  - Jessie B.

  • "I never realized how much I don't want to acknowledge my thoughts.  My first float was a frightening and sad experience.  It will be a new challenge to come back and work on facing my mind.  Floating hopefully can help me undo the damage years of trama has caused."
    - Anonymous, Floatique Journal